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Successful legal representation through divorce or a family dispute means securing your assets, your rights and the future of your family. For high net worth families, any altercation and complication can have greater consequences and a lasting impact. At Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb, we are dedicated to providing our Mesa, Arizona, clients optimal service, aggressive advocacy and strategic legal solutions in family law.

Whether working toward a settlement, or protecting your rights through litigation, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

"We are committed to obtaining the best possible outcomes for our clients."

DeeAn Gillespie Strub, Owner and Founder

Meet our Team

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DeeAn Gillespie Strub
Mark A. Shields
Dan M. Durant
David L. Goldfarb
Wayne H. Taylor
Robert O. Newell
Jeff McCombs
Geoff Morris
Kevin N. Wooden
Christopher R. Houk
Robert E. M. Smith
Chris Phillips
DeeAn Gillespie Strub


Mesa family law attorneyThose who know DeeAn Gillespie Strub can describe her in three words: caring, courageous, and competent. Growing up as the oldest of nine children, DeeAn quickly learned leadership and resourcefulness. With both parents as educators, she also acquired a love of learning, and from her mathematician father learned to think analytically. Following in her parents’ footsteps, her first career step was to become a teacher. It was not long before she determined she could use her teaching skills most effectively in a different arena: the law. She wanted to make a difference for people.

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Mesa family law firm

Mark A. Shields


Mesa Arizona law firmPain is inevitable; misery is optional. That is the philosophy that governs Mark Shields’ approach to legal problems, particularly in family law. While many legal issues deal with contracts, bills or dented fenders, a family law situation is thicker because it deals directly with people. What’s more, those people comprise the family, which Mark believes to be the fundamental unit of society. Because a family law issue is so important and so personal, it should be handled by someone who understands humans and someone who cares. Mark believes that being down to earth and an honest, approachable guy is just as important in the practice of law as it is in life in general.

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Dan M. Durant

DAN M. DURRANT, Of Counsel

divorce lawyer in Mesa ArizonaDan Durrant’s resume includes over 100 trials as lead counsel in the civil courts of Arizona. Not just a litigator, but also a trial lawyer, Dan is a fierce advocate and wise counsel for Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb’s civil litigation clients.

Dan has been a trial lawyer for decades, representing individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, and large businesses in all types of lawsuits, from plaintiff’s personal injury suits to breach of contract, fraud, real estate suits and other business and commercial matters. Now a partner with GS&D, Dan is a key team member in the firm’s dedication to representing and defending Mesa area clients in their civil litigation matters, for small and family-owned businesses and as well as for individuals and families whose lives and income have been impacted by unforeseen events such as medical malpractice, legal malpractice, or other personal injury.

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David L. Goldfarb


collaborative divorce attorney in MesaThroughout my practice as an attorney, I have had the unique opportunity to have much experience in several courtrooms in several states, regarding several types of law, ranging from family, criminal, nursing home abuse, labor and employment, medical malpractice, and general civil litigation. As an attorney, I see myself as having two roles: legal counselor and legal litigator. As a counselor, I help people understand their legal rights and how the legal system works. I will assist you through the process, which can often be traumatic and complex. I will help you through the complex legal system as it is unruly for those who do not practice in it every day.

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Wayne H. Taylor


divorce lawyer in MesaWayne is a personable, experienced, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it is, down-to-earth attorney, who listens carefully to his clients’ needs and works tirelessly with them toward achievement of their reasonable legal goals. He has adopted two generally applicable rules of life that he overheard his father-in-law share with his sons when we all were much younger: 1) Life is work; and 2) Life is not fair! The first rule can be associated most closely with his estate planning practice, while the second rule corresponds more closely with his probate litigation practice. Although life can be unfair, my duty as an attorney is to use my legal knowledge and expertise to try and make life a little fairer for my clients.

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Robert O. Newell


Mesa AZ family law attorneyJust because you have been charged with a crime does not mean that you are guilty. The State has the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office on their side; you need a zealous advocate on yours. The State will bring all of its vast power to bear against those it accuses of a crime, so it is important to have an experienced professional to guide you through this nightmare. A criminal record will follow you for the rest of your life. It is vital that you do everything that you can to keep that record clean. It can affect your employment, schooling, even your personal relationships.

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Jeff McCombs


phoenix family law attorneyJeffrey is dedicated to helping people in their time of need. Jeffrey McCombs was born in Salt Lake City Utah. Jeffrey attended the University of Utah and received degrees in: Political Science with a Certificate in International Relations and Sociology with a Certificate in Criminology. Jeffrey was on the Dean’s list and a member of several honor societies. Jeffrey received his law degree from the University of Kansas School of Law. During law school Jeffrey was the recipient of the CALI Excellence for the Future Award for being the top student in alternative dispute resolution.

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Geoff Morris


divorce lawyer in PhoenixGeoff possesses a combination of experience and ability not ordinarily found in an attorney, having decided to enter the practice of law after a successful career managing both large and small projects in the Information Technology (“IT”) field. His “objective oriented” approach to a case is geared to accomplish his clients’ goals in a well-planned and well-executed manner. His detailed understanding of technology and the interaction between law and technology together equip him to provide effective representation in a wide variety of complex matters.

Geoff received his law degree Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University with a Certificate in Law, Science, and Technology with a concentration in Intellectual Property. He also holds an MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business.

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Kevin N. Wooden


Mesa AZ divorce attorney

Kevin believes that first and foremost, a Family Law attorney must be patient listener, and Kevin strives to reach a true understanding of both the issues the client faces and the client’s desired outcomes. With an even-tempered manner and a pragmatic approach, Kevin will advocate strongly for the best outcome for his client that is fair to the family and that puts the children first. By maintaining an environment of respect and working to diffuse overly emotional confrontations, Kevin believes that both parties can work through difficult Family Law issues without losing hope, and preserve a positive future for themselves and their children.

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Christopher R. Houk


Mesa family law firmSince 2005, Chris has focused his practice primarily on employment cases. He handles a wide variety of employment cases ranging from discrimination and harassment to cases involving accommodations for individuals with disabilities, retaliation, and wage and hour cases. Chris is experienced in handling cases from their initial phases through jury verdicts.

Chris’s personal philosophy of practicing law is that he firmly believes his cases can change the world, one case at a time. Because each case is very important to him, he works to bring about a just resolution as swiftly as he can. Chris strongly believes in representing his clients ethically and with integrity.

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Robert E. M. Smith


estate planning lawyer in Mesa

Robert Smith, a senior litigation attorney, derives deep satisfaction from helping his clients. Noted for his accessibility, Robert devotes the time necessary to explain the intricacies of law and the legal processes pertinent to clients’ individual circumstances. Rest assured of Robert’s consummate skill. He will work with you closely so that you fully understand the strategy, objectives and process of your case at each step while he works to win it.

As a highly experienced courtroom litigator, Robert has handled hundreds of trials in commercial, general civil, criminal prosecution and defense, personal injury and complex family law litigation. Prior to joining our firm, Robert served as Assistant Bureau Chief in the Office of the Maricopa County Attorney, where he led the criminal prosecution team of eight attorneys.

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Chris Phillips



Chris Phillips has orchestrated the business and administrative functions of Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb since 2008.

Chris is passionate about his work. He ensures that the firm delivers sterling client service, while managing the firm’s finances, marketing, personnel, technology and facilities. He brings a wealth of experience and vision to the firm, having gained many years of prior experience in senior operational/financial positions with fast-paced, growth-oriented professional service firms within the sectors of Law and Advertising. Chris is also a veteran military officer and holds an M.B.A. in Finance.




Rockhurst University/Helzberg School of Management
Kansas City, Missouri 1999
M.B.A. Finance

University of Missouri Kansas City – School of Law,
Kansas City, Missouri, 1988-89
Completed First Year Law Program

Lincoln University
Jefferson City, Missouri 1987
B.S. Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement



  • Certified Legal Manager (CLM) designation from the Association of Legal Administrators


Professional Associations and Memberships:

  • Military Officers Association of America
  • Association of Legal Administrators
  • ALA Valley of the Sun Chapter

Arizona Divorce and Family Law Firm

Protecting Your Family and Investments

Successful legal representation through divorce or a family dispute means securing your assets, your rights and the future of your family. For high net worth families, any altercation and complication can have greater consequences and a lasting impact. At Gillespie, Shields & Durrant, we are dedicated to providing our Mesa, Arizona, clients optimal service, aggressive advocacy and strategic legal solutions in family law.

Whether working toward a settlement, or protecting your rights through litigation, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Personalizing Solutions for Our Clients and Their Families

Our firm operates on the basic tenants of integrity, compassion and client dedication. When working with our attorneys, you can trust that we will take the time to understand the individual challenges you face, develop a comprehensive solution and work strategically to achieve your goals. With over 26 years of practice experience, we know how to best apply our skills and knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome.



We offer in-depth experience on some of the most complex areas of divorce and family law. Our Mesa family and divorce attorneys are prepared to handle all of the following:

Experienced Negotiators. Successful Trial Advocates.

We offer the collaborative efforts of a highly skilled legal team that will work efficiently and effectively to protect your interests. While we are skilled in the negotiation and settlement, we are also prepared to handle even the most complex disputes, through trial and at the appellate level. Our lawyers will remain attentive to your needs, available to answer your questions and address any concerns that may arise.

In addition to our specific and focused experience in the area of family law, we also understand the broader implications of civil litigation. From process and procedures, through remedies and dispute resolution, our attorneys are prepared to handle any complications as they arise.

Our attorneys are recognized both by our professional peers as well as our former clients for our record service and results. We are prepared at every stage and work strategically to successfully resolve every case.

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