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Prenup Agreements & Property

Prenuptial Agreements and Real Estate Property in Arizona

For many couples, marriage solidifies their love for each other and their hopeful, life-long commitment to one another. However, marriage is also a substantial financial event. Your assets, savings and income will be shared in most marriages. With more than fifty percent of marriages ending in divorce, it is imperative to protect what you have worked hard to acquire.

Prenuptial agreements, also known as prenup or premarital agreements, are helpful for high-net worth couples who want to eliminate the possibility of losing what they have worked hard to obtain if the marriage should dissolve. No one's future is guaranteed. The legal team at Gillespie, Shields & Durrant in Mesa, Arizona encourages individuals with considerable real estate and assets to consider a prenuptial agreement prior to entering into a marriage. This is not an indication that you lack trust; it is an indication that you want to protect your best interests.

Real Estate Property in Arizona

Arizona is considered a community property state, meaning all property and assets obtained after the date of marriage will be split in half if the marriage end in divorce if a prenuptial agreement is not in place. A prenuptial agreement will specify how sole property that was yours prior to your marriage, as well as community property will be divided in a divorce. Establishing a prenup can help a couple settle their divorce in a timely manner and avoid costly and time-consuming litigation over the division of real estate property.

Formation and Disputes of a Prenuptial Agreement

To ensure you have a legally bound prenuptial agreement, you must enlist the assistance of an expert lawyer to draft, modify and finalize your prenup. At Gillespie, Shields & Durrant in Mesa, AZ, our team of experts has the knowledge, resources and experience to develop a solid agreement to protect your interests, real estate and assets in the event your marriage ends in divorce.

In addition to the formation of legally executed prenuptial agreements, Gillespie, Shields & Durrant can represent you through a dispute over an established premarital agreement. We have successfully protected our clients through numerous challenges for various reasons. Our firm is committed to handling even the most complex arguments during a high-net worth divorce.

Mesa, Arizona Family Law Expertise

No one wants to enter a marriage thinking it will end in divorce. Both parties must have total trust in their partner. A prenup allows each person to know that their soon-to-be spouse is entering into the marriage for the right reasons; not because of wealth or assets. Gillespie, Shields & Durrant understand the specific guidelines that prevent a prenuptial agreement from being deemed unenforceable, and we will ensure you have the highest level of protection for your real estate, family-owned company, assets and retirement.

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