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Mesa Paternity Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights in a Paternity Action

Paternity actions may arise when there is a dispute over custody, support or if the paternity itself is being contested. When faced with a complex paternity dispute, it is beneficial to seek experienced, sound counsel and legal support as soon as possible. At Gillespie, Shields & Durrant in Mesa, Arizona, our attorneys offer over 26 years of experience handling high-profile and complex paternity cases on behalf of our diverse clientele, including professionals and prominent citizens throughout the state.

Successfully Resolving Your Case With Discretion

We understand that our clients want these cases resolved quickly, effectively and without public exposure. Our priority is to protect your rights, secure your privacy and come to a resolution in a highly discretionary manner. We offer quality legal counsel, guidance and support, always focused on achieving the best possible outcome in your case. Our Mesa paternity lawyers are experienced in all of the following:

  • Representation for fathers seeking to establish paternity to protect their custody rights
  • Advocacy for fathers seeking to contest paternity and prevent support obligations
  • Counsel for mothers seeking court-ordered paternity testing and enforcement of child support orders
  • Establishing paternity for couples in cohabitation

Issues in High-Profile and Complex Paternity Claims

In many cases, a paternity test can be settled with a DNA test, whether genetic material is obtained voluntarily or by court order. However, even after establishing paternity, both parties may face additional legal complications involving child support, parenting time, child custody and parental rights, as well as adoption and inheritance.

As your attorneys, we will assess your legal position, determine the best course of action and work to avoid any potential pitfalls in the process. At every stage, we focus on providing the best possible strategy to address any range of issues that may be presented in a paternity suit.

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