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Mesa Divorce Appeal Lawyer

Appeals in Family Law and Divorce Disputes

Even after a decision has been handed down in your case, you may have the option of pursuing an appeal. Remember that the appellate process is very different than the trial court level and requires a highly experienced legal advocate to adhere to requisite timelines and procedures. At Gillespie, Shields & Durrant our team of Mesa divorce appeal lawyers has over 25 years of experience handling complex cases in family law, including appeals.

Highly Experienced and Diverse Appellate Practice

Attorney Mark A. Shields is a highly experienced appellate attorney with a specialized skill set in evaluating lower court records, assessing your opportunities for an appeal and in pursuing your case. The appellate process is very different from a standard trial, as your lawyer will be limited to the record from the lower court. There are also constraints with regard to procedure, timelines, and filing. If you are considering an appeal on a family law decision, it is important to consult with a competent and experienced attorney.

Our Mesa divorce appeal lawyer is experienced with cases involving:

Pursuing a Successful Family Law Appeal

It is more difficult to succeed at the appellate level than at the trial court level. In addition to limitations of the record, courts are very specific about what kinds of legal errors make a case qualified for an appeal. Our attorneys can accurately assess the probability of your case and take every necessary opportunity to increase your chance of success. In some cases, the court will reverse or remand a decision. Even though the appellate process is a challenging way to seek legal relief, you do have options and you do have rights. We can help. Your Mesa divorce appeal lawyer is dedicated to serving you.

Mesa Divorce Appeal Lawyer

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