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Mesa Attorney Handling Divorce for Medical Professionals

Representation for Doctors and Other Professionals in Divorce

Doctors, owners of professional corporations and other medical professionals may face additional challenges in the divorce process. In addition to your busy schedule, your divorce may be complicated by investments in a professional corporation, significant assets and the division of complex property. At Gillespie, Shields & Durrant in Mesa, Arizona, our attorneys are prepared to represent our professional client, including medical professionals, throughout the divorce process.

Handling Your Case With Discretion and Strategy

Many doctors and professionals in the area are concerned both about protecting their personal interests as well as their professional reputation. Our attorneys understand the sensitive nature of these issues and will assist you in protecting your rights while working toward an optimal resolution for your family. We will take the time to review your assets and income, identify your priorities and concerns, and develop a strategic approach to handle your case. Our Mesa lawyer handling divorce for medical professionals is experienced in cases involving:

Meeting the Needs of Medical Professionals

As professionals, we understand the busy needs of our clients in the medical field. We will work to accommodate your schedule and always handle your case with the dignity and discretion it deserves. We will always seek creative ways to help you protect your rights and access to your children and ensure that you can still meet the demands of your career. Under Arizona law, both parents have equal rights. We will ensure that yours are protected with a lasting solution.

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