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Mesa Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Achieving Success Through ADR and Collaborative Settlements

In many divorce and family law disputes, the best possible solution can arise out of mutual agreement between the parties. By working out a settlement out of court, you can save time and money that would be spent on court costs and attorneys' fees, while also establishing a long-term solution tailored to meet your family's needs. At Gillespie, Shields & Durrant in Mesa, Arizona, our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution and can provide creative, strategic advocacy focused on the best interests of you and your family.

Mediation and Arbitration

Alternative dispute resolution or ADR can take many forms, including mediation and arbitration. There are different models of ADR available to minimize the time and costs for the thousands of people in Maricopa County seeking divorce every year. Working with a skilled professional on issues of custody, visitation and other family legal issues can be beneficial in achieving a joint and sustainable resolution. Arbitration will involve an out-of-court settlement where a third party makes a decision regarding specific issues, rather than taking the case through litigation. Mediation will involve working through issues with a mediator who will assist in working toward a settlement agreement.

Certified Collaborative Family Law Attorneys

We offer the services of our certified Mesa collaborative divorce lawyers who can provide skilled, informed advocacy throughout the process. Under a collaborative divorce model, both parties will be represented by a certified lawyer who agrees not to take the case to court.

Professionals, including financial planners, child specialists and other experts, can assist in presenting evidence relevant to the case to achieve the best possible resolution in any ADR. In the end, everyone wants a lasting solution. Our legal team will prioritize your rights, while minimizing the cost, impact and investment in achieving a successful outcome.

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