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Support and Alimony Disputes in High-Asset Divorce

In divorce cases, particularly those involving couples with significant assets, determinations of support and alimony can lead to contentious disputes. Whether you are looking to collect support or you want to prevent unmanageable obligations, it is important to consult with a trusted and experienced divorce attorney. At Gillespie, Shields & Durrant, our Mesa, Arizona, lawyers have extensive experience in achieving successful results in even the most complex disputes.

Determinations of Support Based on Need

When making determinations of support, the court will examine every situation on a case-by-case basis. Taking into consideration the duration of the marriage, the income disparity between the parties and any previous agreements made during the marriage, the court will make assessment of whether support is necessary and how long it will last. An experienced attorney can ensure that income and assets are properly calculated and make appropriate arguments to the court to protect your interests.

Our Mesa alimony attorneys are experienced with cases involving:

Negotiation and Settlement, Support Enforcement and Defense

In any dispute involving division of property, assets and income, both parties want to protect their rights as well as their future security. Our attorneys understand the sensitive and complex nature of these cases and will take every necessary step to protect your rights. We will evaluate the facts, apply relevant law and pursue every opportunity to secure your interests. When possible, we will work toward a resolution through alternative means, including ADR or settlement, however we are prepared to take any case to trial.

In addition to original orders, we can also assist with the enforcement or modification.

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