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Best Interests of the Children

When heading into unexplored territory sailors used to look to Polaris, better known as the North Star or the Polar Star to gain their bearings.  Polaris sits above the earth’s North Pole and thus appears to stay in a fixed position in the night sky.  This allows savvy travelers to know with certainty which direction North is.  By having this one fixed direction it became possible to navigate to any destination.

The Arizona Supreme Court has stated that the “polar star” of family law is the protection of the “best interests of the children.”  If you have been through a family court proceeding then you have probably heard this phrase before.  The protection of children is also my guiding star as a family law attorney.

Regardless of the issues between Mother and Father the children should be the focus of any family court action.  All of us have an obligation to protect those that can’t protect themselves.  Children should never be used as weapons in divorce.  Meany people do not realize that permanent damage can occur, if parents purposefully involve their children in their fight.  Conversely, if all parties diligently work to limit the impact of divorce on children amazing results are possible.

It is impossible to get to where you want to go if you don’t know where you are.  If you find yourself lost in your divorce, look to the “Polar Star.”  If we utilize the protection of children as our Polar Star we can successfully navigate through the hazards of divorce and reach the safe shores on the other side.

Article written by attorney Jeffrey McCombs